Manage List on UX


How can manage a list on UX? For example, if I want to arrange a list (in a specific order manually), how can I have that ability to re-order values within a list through UX (not by going to model in the backend).


  • Hi @hpatel ,


    If you have a specific requirement of reordering the list, then yes you can do that. Use the Order List action to do that. 

    Similarly you have other actions such as Copy Branch, Assign, Assign Only, Delete Branch etc to maintain the lists from the UX. 


    I hope it helps



  • hpatel

    Thanks for the reply Anand.


    Yes aware of using sort action (under Other actions) to sort a list either ascending or descending. This was a requirement to have a custom sort (neither ascending nor descending).


    However was able to solve by creating a module that points the list we want to sort. Then adding a line time to allow users to number the list items in the order then want to sort (top = 1, then 2, etc.) and using this line time to sort the original list.