[Updated] Level 2 Sprint 2 DAT03 Historic Volume

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Hello Experts,


On DAT03 Historic Volumes my volume line item don't match with the values for FY20 but does match with Offset volumes for Fy20. I used the following formula:

IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'1st Forecast Year?' THEN OFFSET(Volumes, -52, 0) ELSE 0.


also in DEM03 demand forecast pulls only FY20 data not FY21,


the Saved View Name: Detailed Demand Grid UX should display this way:


but what i get is:





DEM03 Demand Forecast:




DAT03 Historic Volume:



SYS01 time settings by Week:


could you please let me know where i need to correct to get the FY21calendar like below:




Please suggest, so that i can proceed and i'm stuck in below chapter: Create Demand Forecast Grid UX saved view 


  • Hi there,


    Are you referring to how to create the view to compare first 4 weeks in FY20 and first 4 weeks in FY21 like in the view you referenced? Or are you referring to where to find FY21?

    You can do a quick search to find FY21.

    Try to leverage on right click - Show/Hide to create such view.


    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, i tried to do that, but would like to know if this is mentioned somewhere in the lesson and did i miss it and would this also be related to any of the time range that i missed to set.


    Also the SKU list displaying on the left are huge in number when compared to the screenshot in lesson.

  • Hi there,


    I believe the screenshot is just to compare at a specific intersection of data to confirm that your formula and result are on the right track. The view is not necessarily needed for the rest of the training. As mentioned, you should try to leverage on the search, show/hide to achieve the same result as the screen.Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 4.36.53 PM.pngScreenshot 2021-06-23 at 4.37.13 PM.png

  • mine is not matching with what it should be and also i am not getting figures in blue.

    it should be like this

    please help