Selection custom


I want to create a module that allows me to select only some of the items in the pull-down menu.
Example:I want User to be able to select only Apple, Peach, and Orange.
I want to make it so that Fruit and Grape cannot be selected (not displayed).


Can i do it?

Please help me.


  • Depending on your use case you could use a List Subset or Selective Access.


    If you want to limit the list options available on a line item, or limit the list items for a a module dimension, you can try using List Subsets.  We've used List Subsets to limit the items available for an end user to pick from a list formatted line item. 


    In your example we would create a list subset called "Fruit Subset: Assignable Fruits" and select Apple, Peach, and Orange to be included in that list subset.  Then we would format the line item that the End User would use to be the List "Fruit Subset: Assignable Fruits" instead of the list "Fruit".


    If you want to set security at the Fruit Level so that users can only see certain fruits, then you could change the Fruit list to be selective access, and assign each user the fruit they should see.