Invalid Formula: Line Item not recognized as Line Item or List Member Error


Hi everyone, 


I am working through a Territory Model project and came across a really weird issue and I was wondering if anyone else in the community has a reason for why the error message came up. 




In the calculation itself, I am using a lookup function to bring in data from a calculation module to a data module but for some reason I get the error code above. I believe there is something going on with the naming convention and how it is being referenced? I managed to figure out a fix by doing the below, but was wondering if anyone knew why Anaplan is saying that the referenced line item is not being recognized properly. 


Solution: Changing the line item naming convention to something like "test", then after the calc references it I changed the line item back to what it originally is supposed to be



  • Hi @hyunkangs ,


    Generally Anaplan throws this error if the 'referencing item' is not defined as a line item or a list item. So in your case it is

    "       'CAL011:Industry/Segment Properties'.it budget ser cloud saas total average     "


    Anaplan is unable to locate the above list item/line item. This error occurs when we try to manually type the line item/list item in the formula bar rather than clicking on the respective line item/list item to include it in the formula. Even a single comma or extra space between line/list item names makes the formula incorrect.


    I hope it helps





  • Hi Anand, 


    Thanks for getting back to me; the weird thing is that I actually did use the formula bar and built it it out by clicking on it rather than typing it in

  • @hyunkangs ,


    That's strange,


    Would you not mind pasting some Anaplan snips of your implementation. So that I can dig a bit inside the error