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Hey guys,

Trying to figure this, I am triggering a mail from the end user, the body of the mail picks up inputs from the end user which comes from text formatted line item, MY ISSUE IS when the user enters in the text field something like this: -
" 1- Hi
2 - Hello
3 - Hey "

I want the mail to pick it up exactly the same way with the line breaker. Is that possible in Anaplan ? I tried entering shift + Enter, just enter and even control + ALT + enter, all of this still picks up the body in a single line for the mail. 

Thanks for the help

Best Answer

  • anand.shekhawat

    Hi @Sachinsourav02 


    Yes you can do that. Follow the below steps

    1) Create a Line item 'New Line' without any dimensions in the same module and write the formula: " "

    2) Create a line item named Remove Quotes with the formula: RIGHT(LEFT(New Line, 2), 1)

    3) Create your 1st paragraph in a line item (Body1), your 2nd paragraph in an another line item (Body 2).

    4) Create another line item named Full Body with the formula: 'Body 1' & Remove Quotes & 'Body 2' & Remove quotes.

    5) In the MAILTO function, use the Full Body line item.


    This will give you your desired output.


    I hope it helps