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I have a list of employees This is a master list used across models One of the properties of this list is the Employees Initals I would like to either: a. Select an employee from a drop down but for the "value" displayed to be the initals or b. Use the Initals Property as the source for my drop down Suggestions gratefully received.


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    Hello Tim,

    You'd have to do this across two separate line items, but could structure it as follows:

    -the first line item would be list formatted on your Employees list and you'd use this drop down to select an employee's name
    -the second line item (text format) could pick up the initials (from a text formatted property on your employees list) with the following formula: Employees.Initials[LOOKUP: Employee]
        -where Employees is the name of your list of Employees
        -and Initials is the name of the Property
        -and Employee is the name of the first line item (in the same module) referenced above

    Let me know if this will get you what you need.


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