How Do I Share a Page to multiple Users


I have create a UX board  - how do I share this? Its to replace a traditional dashboard - is this the right solution?





  • Hi @lcapon ,


    Looks like you have saved this page as "My Page"or you don't have page builder access. Please check.

    If you have proper access then you have an option to share the link via email to multiple users.


  • Hi @lcapon ,


    First make sure that you have your Page Builder access. You can get this access from your tenant administrator.


    Once you have sorted your access you can share your boards/worksheets to all other users as well who are added to the users list of that respective model.


    Step 1 ) Go to the respective page that you want to share with the other users

    Step 2)  Now go in the edit mode of the model and go in the page settings


    Step 3) Now you can grant/restrict the access to the users roles from here




    I hope it helps



  • lcapon

    Thanks - how do I check/how can grant me page builder access?

  • Hi @lcapon ,


    Please check within your company who has Tenant Admin access.He/she can provide you the page builder role access.




  • lcapon

    Where would these settings be found?