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Hi guys,


i would like to know if there is a way to add comments on a form created on the new ux app.

i have this drop down list, i would like to add a short sentence somewhere to give the end user some precisions. I dont even know if this is even possible in anaplan;




Thanks in advance

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  • MarkWarren
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    I'd do this by editing the labels on the fields and/or adding a text Text card next to the fields.



  • Hi @pdekas 


    As of now, it is not possible to add comments directly in the forms.


    Create one module with Entity list as dimension & add one text formatted line item for comments, while creating the form you have an option to select the module & select the comments line item.




    Hope this helps!




  • @pdekas 

    Add a text formatted line item to the source module and publish this alongside the drop down.

  • @pdekas 

    It is possible to add comments either as a property in the list or a line item in a module.

    I would recommend that you add the comments into a module along with the display name so that you can access it for future reports. 

    The following shows both examples in the form designer;