Upload Flat File to Populate a Restricted View of a Template?


We have built a template that restricts the view of each of our distributors to a single column, with a number of prompts to be populated with numbers.  Is it possible (if rows align perfectly with the template layout) for a user to upload their numbers to Anaplan from a flat file, or must each number be input manually?


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    I was able to import as a user using the following:  These have to be done as a workspace admin, I ran an import where I specified the mapping of the data. I assigned a role to a module with the ability to write and went to 'Roles ->Actions' to give the role access to the import. Then as the user, the import uploaded the data into the items for which the user had access to.  As you mentioned, the file must align properly since a user does not have access to specify or create the mapping of an import.