Unable to Load Employees File Properly - Added Parent in Column

Hi Team,


I'm at Lesson # 4. (4.8.2 Activity: Import Data into E2 Employees# List).


I've uploaded the Employee File and added one extra Column for Parent and for the first 56 Employees I've marked the "Sales" as a Parent and for the Rest 56 Employees I've marked "Production" as a Parent in Parent Column.

However, when I check in the Workspace, there are Some Numbers created in it.


Can anyone please guide on it?

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  • @ChrisAHeathcote 



    I echo what Chris has mentioned.

    Also the Employees file somewhat looks like the below


    While importing the data , we can keep the parent as Dept Code, Display Name as Column 1 Employees and keep the first row empty as suggested earlier. The import will work perfectly.


    I hope it helps






  • @anand.shekhawat 


    If you open the CSV before saving it the employee code column changes as all the leading zeros are removed. 

    Then when you come to map this column to the employee list they often do not match. 

    This will happen if for whatever reason you did not open the CSV when creating the list and the leading zeros were kept. 

    To Anaplan a code 001 is not the same as 1.


  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    Yes I also did the same Chris, and I have the Codes as 001 and not 1 in my Model. We often face this issue where excel removes the Zeros at the left . So to avoid such instances I generally use .txt files in real time scenarios for handling such kind of data.




  • @Vatsal30 


    If you have created a display name property, then that property should appear at the bottom in the below snip (taken from your uploaded files) under Property in List section



    But in one of your snips(shown below) you have shown the Display Name Property assigned in the list.



    One of the above snips that you have shared is incorrect for sure. If I assume that your second snip is correct then kindly upload the file again by mapping the 'Column 1: Employee' to Display Name while keeping the rest of the mapping same as 1st snip above. I am 100% sure, you will see the names in place of the #numbers.