7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module


I could  not do the mapping  correctly. I can not see all the required columns.  
Could you please help me to understand what I did wrong?

Thank you!


  • Hi @abdulsalam ,


    I am not sure I understand your question correctly but I can see all the columns in your screenshot & click on the SYS08 Employee line item to do the mapping once you click you will see all columns





  • Hi @Akhtar.shahbaz 
    Thank you for replying.

    The problem is that, I do not get the same answer as it should be in the attached image "the result.png". 

    I only get what you see in the my_result.png

  • Hi @abdulsalam, I have the same problem as you did but I found the solution.

    This activity requires you to manually map "Employees" and "Country Code"
    When you are in the import screen, you need to check the "Map items manually" on the top left. 

    Which allows you to map "Employees" and "Country Code".
    You can map "Employees" and "Country Code" by clicking on the arrow and then on the blue target item on the right.

    Please see the screenshot below. 




    Hope that helps! 

  • I just ran into the same issue, and your comment solved it for me!

    Thanks a lot!