Delete a list member in new UX

Whats the best prcocess to create an action to delete a list member in new UX


  • @lcapon 

    Yes you can achieve that functionality by using 'Delete lists using Selection' action.


    Setup up the action from the Actions section of your model. And publish the action and the boolean line item on the dashboard


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  • Hi @lcapon ,


    1. Create one module with a list that you want to delete & add one boolean line item to select the member to delete

    2. Create an action to delete the member you have checked via Delete from list using selection.

    3. Create a process & add this action

    4. Publish this process in the New UX






    Note: if you are using Worksheet then you have direct option to delete the list member.Select the list & right click you can see delete item from list




  • I Cant see this type of action?




  • hi @lcapon 


    You have to create an action in the model not in apps




  • You can find in the model as shown below






  • @lcapon ,


    > Alternatively, (if it fits your requirement) you might want to publish a module (dimensioned by that list, without any lineitem) in a worksheet

    > Upon right click on a list member, this will allow you to perform a few tasks out of which delete is one, as shown below

    > You can select multiple list items as well using CTRL and then delete

    > You need not create any action for this method

    Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 8.28.45 PM.png


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  • I'm struggling to attach the process in the UX

  • Hi @lcapon 


    First you have to create an action &one process Then add action card from there you can see your process


  • I think there was just a little delay - its working now.


    Does this work with the action type 'Delete Branch'?

  • Hi @lcapon ,


    No, Delete branch option will not work in New NUX.