Matching dimensions items between modules


I have Module A that uses an employee dimension where 1 of the employees is named Bob. In Module B I use a different employee dimension where that same person is named Robert. When I write a formula to pull data from Module A to Module B the employees are not matched and the data pull is incorrect. How do I get the 2 items to be recognized as the same? Is there a way to use the employee code in this situation?


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    To use the code in this situation (matching two distinct dimensions to each other) you'd have to set this up as an import rather than use a link in Anaplan.  The mapping module allows you to have an active link that doesn't require an import.

    Another option would be to use a list formatted property on the target employee list (format would be list format based on the source list), you'd fill in the mappings here and then use the LOOKUP function to match the correct items.  The formula woudl look similar to: Source Module.Value[LOOKUP: Target Employee List.Property Source Employee Name].


  • You would want to create a mapping module with one line item that has the target module's employee list as a dimension. You'll list format that line item on the source module's employee list and fill in the mappings. Then in the target module you can use the LOOKUP function to match back to your source data like this: Module A.Data[LOOKUP: Employee Mapping.Matching Line Item].
  • Hi, would the code for each employee match and therefore the mapping table not be necessary? The code iis in grid view of the list and can be loaded from a data source.