Level 2 Model Building: Sprint 1 Section 1.5.2


While importing the Beginning Inventory Data into DAT01 , I come across this error message "The list specified as the page selector is empty so there are no items to select."(Reference image attached below)


Can someone help what I must do before importing the data to this module?


  • @PranayG 


    You are getting this error because the dimension that you are using in the page selector does not have any items in it. As I could see its a Subset of the Location hierarchy. It seems like the booleans to include the items into that subset are not checked. I guess you have missed the step to populate the ' s G3 Location:Distribution Center? ' subset. Kindly populate it. 


    For you referencing i am attaching a snip to guide you




    I hope it helps




  • PranayG
    This worked, anand. Thank you so much for the revert. You are right I missed populating the subset.