Exporting Saved View & Tabular Multiple Column


Before I go off to support and see if it's a "problem" just want to make sure that it's not me!

Have a saved view that has filters on the page selectors and am then looking to export this view using the tabular multiple column option (there are three dimensions as rows already) but when the export is run I get every version / time not just the ones that have been filtered.


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  • ashish.banka
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    @andrewtye You can create a boolean line item in the module and use it as a filter while exporting, using Tabular Multiple Column option. 






  • Turns out that this is a bug... (I guess good!)

    Mainly because I've got line items as columns Anaplan is getting itself in a tizzle - so the standard export view it is, rather than moving the view around which would make more complications in the downstream analysis.

  • Interesting. I'll give that a try and see what happens!

  • Hi @andrewtye and @ashish.banka .   My customer @DSENB just asked me the same question.   Andrew, you said you got feedback that this was a bug.  Then the two of you discussed a solution.  

    1. Did the solution work for you?
    2. Are you sure that it is a bug?   I have heard this is a limitation, and indeed there is this Idea in Idea Exchange pushing for this enhancement.   

    Please let us know your latest thoughts on this?

    FYI @DSENB and @ChrisM 

  • @philip.austin It has worked for me. The only issue with "Tabular Multi Column" is that it brings in all the line items while exporting.

  • Thanks @ashish.banka .  Ok, my confusion - in fact that point about exporting all th line items is actually what I was really after.   Right @DSENB / @ChrisM ?