Anaplan Best Practice-Page Names


Hey guys,

Is it okay to use symbols/special characters/emojis as Model page names ? 

Is there any anaplan best practice restrictions or are there any potential hurdles if we use such symbols, please do let me know. 

I had couple of reports and sub reports, wanted sub reports to be categorized under the main report like: -
1 Report A
  1.1 Report A-Child
  1.2 Report A-Child two
But the existing setup doesnt allow me to space the sub reports, hence thought of using emojis and symbols, which is serving the purpose but wanted to run it through the community




  • I don't know of any issues, nor can I see any problems with this. It's something I have used. Emoji and special character support in browsers is much better now. The advice still stands for use in models for anything that will be used as a reference in any way.
    As long as it adheres to Unicode standards it shouldn't be a problem as far as I know.