Manual import in the PROD model




We have just created a DEV and PROD model setup. 


During month end, we need to  import data into the PROD model, and we have setup actions to do some of these import, which it does work. However, if I decided NOT to use to action to perform the import but use the manual import function instead, this error appears "Deployed mode is enable for this model. You do not have permission to change the structure data". 


The list related to the module has already been set up as production list, and as mentioned we have attempt to update this module via ACTION successfully. so why cant i upload manually?


I thought ACTION is just a group of individual manual activities to make life easier. Can someone help / explain please? am I crazy? 


Many thanks




  • @Will Man 


    No you cannot upload any data by manually going into the module when your model is in deployed mode in any case. You have to use the already created actions to upload the data. This is the functionality that deployed model in Anaplan has. 

    This is because every time you manually upload the date from the module, Anaplan tends to restructure the upload action. Deployed mode restricts the user to do any structural changes, that is why it throws the error.


    I hope it helps.



  • Thank you....


    So basically i need to identify all the "manual" action we have at moment, and if there are any changes I need to do DEV update the action and syn across.....

    Is that correct please? 



  • @Will Man 


    So there are two scenarios here:


    Case 1) If you are using old classic dashboards

    Soln.) Identify all the manual import actions that you need to run. Publish them on the dashboards and then sync the model to the production. Then you will be able to run them directly from the Production Model dashboards itself.


    Case 2) If you are using NEW UX 

    Soln.) As you already have those actions built in the production model. Just add all those actions on the New UX pages directly. And you can run it from there.


    I hope it helps