Anaplan + Boomi Integration


Hi Team,

I have flow which runs using Boomi. In this flow data being pushed from DB to Anaplan (upload). While running this flow, i'm getting below error message. 


[1001] cannot parse the JSON response.
HTTP Response: Unable to complete the HTTP call due to a communication error with the remote server. PKIX path validation failed: validity check failed


Any help?






  • Hi @Santosh,


    Former Anaplan Support member and Certified Master Anaplanner here. I have seen the PKIX error in the past. This is tied to a "trust" issue in the relationship between the CA Certificate and Java KeyStore.


    Does your network go through a proxy?


    See the thread here, your IT team may find it useful, particularly the attached document in my response. Let me know if this helps.


  • Santosh

    This help but when I run same process after couple of minutes it runs fine. If it's certificate issue, the process should not complete.





  • Hey Santosh, I have seen instances where this can give you a false sense- the reason is sometimes the proxy can inadvertently allow the action to run sometimes and not others - causing an intermittent issue.


    What I would do is double check with your IT team and Boomi team if the action is passing through a specific proxy. You will need to call it out explicitly. 


    Otherwise the IT team can force the trust relationship with Anaplan.