Level 2: Activity



I am having some issues uploading the data file for this particular activity in Level 2 ( i have provided screenshots below. I am getting an "invalid line item identifier: Volume" message. The data file that I downloaded has decimals going out to 8 decimal places (screenshot below). I formatted the number so that it goes out to 10 decimal places, but it is still not uploading. I also provided a screenshot of the mapping screen. 









Best Answer

  • @drathod 

    Here the error seems to be time mapping related. 

    So, navigate to Time tab in the import dialog box, select 'Match Names'. Also make sure that your DAT03 Module has a time scale selected as 'Week'. Make sure to keep all the earlier mappings as it is.

    Now try to import the data.





  • the downloaded file also has over 200k rows

  • The mapping seems correct. Make sure you have created a number formatted line item 'Volumes' in your DAT03 Module. Map that line item to the 'Volume' column of your csv file from the 'DAT03 Historic Volumes Line Items' tab in your import action dialog box I hope it helps ~Anand


  • I got the below error message when following your directions. 




  • Wow..I thought i had changed that to weeks earlier but it was set to years. Thank you, it worked!