DAT03 Historic Volumes module


I'm working on the Level2 modeling and I'm stuck with this step: Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module

  • Run Process 9 Import Data from the Hub. 
  • This will pull the data into the Supply Chain model from the Data Hub model.
  • Make adjustments in order to avoid errors in the import process.


When I run the process I am getting an error saying that "Model object "'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" could not be located" PFA screenshot.


As per some posts, I check the mapping  of the import modules as well. PFA screenshots.


And for the source model mapping, I'm trying to edit the mapping for the second one but when I do that nothing happens.


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  • @TamparaDora 


    According to the error message, Anaplan is unable to locate your " DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export " So to resolve this issue first of all have a clarity which data-hub you are actually using. Because from your screenshots it seems that you are unsure of the data hub that you have created the 'Export' saved view in. Write your name in square brackets in the suffix of your data-hub name. Then map the data hub, it would be easy for you.

    After mapping go to the DAT03 Historic Volumes module in the data hub and check if the historic volumes data and a saved view by the name 'Export' is present or not . If not then import the historic volumes data and rebuild the save view .

    Now try to run the action to import the data in the Supply Chain Model.


    I hope it helps




  • @anand.shekhawat I have the same problem, followed the steps you described but no change. Any further advice? 

  • Hi community, 

    I am facing the same difficulty.

    Someone can help me please ? 

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  • Hi @Badiop1 @TamparaDora  @HarunT ,


    Please could you check if you have created a saved view in the Data Hub model. Check the screenshot for the reference .


    Check the mapping for Supply chain model by navigating to source models - Check screenshot for reference 


    Check the mappings while creating an import from the Data hub model - reference screenshot





    Riyaz Pasha


    Riyaz Pasha

  • Hi, 


    The problem as identified by others as well is that Anaplan doesn't know where the source of this data is. 

    Go to import tab under Actions and check the source label/source object to see the original action source.



    Either create the action again with this label selected as the source or go to source model and update the mapping to pick the right model. 



  • Thanks to you for your help. 

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