Line Item Dimensionality

Anaplan provides a flexible way to apply dimensionality to modules.  Line items in a module can inherit the default dimensionality of the module or can take on different dimensionality not only for time and version but also for other dimensions in the module.  The "Applies To" selection can vary for each line item in a module.  For example, a Sales module may capture sales by products and channel and typical line items may be unit, price, cost, and channel discount.  The channel discount line item does not vary by product only channel.  In this case the "Applies To" should only have channel selected.  This results in an efficient module design and a compact model.


Best Answer

  • One thing to remember when using different dimensionality on a line item - you will get a small "eyeball" that appears on that line item in your module.  While there will be no data displaying on that row in your default view of the module, you can click on this eyeball to see the data contained within this line item, in its alternate dimensionality.  Great tip Fred!