Creating Roles




Why would I not be able to view anything on the Demand Detail Review UX page? I have have full access to the model.









  • drathod

    In addition to the issue below, I also am not sure where I should be assigning the selective access for individuals to view only specific product family information. The training indicates to go to Users then scroll over for individuals and give them read/write access for the specific areas. but I'm not sure who is the finance manager, etc (second screenshot example)








  • @drathod 

    This is because you have Selective access enabled on the P3 SKU List and you have not assigned the correct access to yourself.

    So to enable and disable selective to a list kindly see the below snip

    I have used a FTE list.



    Now to enable and disable the selective access to a individual list member navigate to the grid view and set your email id in the Read or Write column against the respective list member



    This way you give the Read/Write access to the selective list member.


    I hope it helps





  • @drathod 


    Here the training module is asking you to create a role. Follow the below snip to create the Roles



    After creating the roles, navigate to the adjacent tabs as well to assign access to the modules, lists etc

    For eg : I have assigned access of FTE list to 'Product family manager' 


    Now the user role Product Family Manager has access to the FTE List. This role can be assigned to anybody who is present in the workspace, and it would be specific to this model only. That means if any user with the above user role logs into your model , he/she will only be able to see only those specific items that his/her user role is assigned to.

    It's just a user role setup, now if you want to give this particular access to any user present in your workspace just navigate to the users tab and select the model role against that particular user



    I hope it helps