Import Data into DAT04 module



Why would my module be indicating that there are no items in the P3 SKU list? the second screenshot indicates that there is data there.










  • For the time being, i took away the selective access because for some reason (although i already had full access) i was being affected by that. Should I be seeing the following in the mapping section while uploading the DAT04 Distribution Center data into the new module?




  • @drathod 


    You are unable to see the data because, selective access is enabled for that P3 SKU list and it seems you have not provided read/write access to yourself from the grid view of the list.



    I hope it helps





  • @drathod 

    You have got a subsidiary view created, seems like you need to correct the same before uploading the data.


    Looking at the mapping it seems you are uploading a half-yearly data. So make sure the time scale that you have selected is same for the line item and module i.e. Half Year.

    Now try to upload the data.


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  • I had the same issue and realised it was my own mistake - remember that you are importing from DAT04 in your "Data Hub" model to the DAT04 in the "Supply Chain" model - in your screen shot you are trying to import from the "Supply Chain" model into the the Supply Chain model which contains no data. 



    Also check that the source (data hub model) and your target (supply chain model) have same dimensionality


    Hopefully that solves your issue

  • Hello,
    I have trouble to import info.
    How can i solved date error




  • Try with Match Names or different combinations in the time format
  • Sorry not better with Match names




  • can you share more screenshots,of the source where you are importing from or the file.the target looks like you are importing into half year of FY20 and FY21