How to update number with rules when importing


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I am trying to update the number during importing. For example, for 2021, I have actual data from Jan to June and forecast data from July to Dec. the target module is on yearly basic, therefore I would need to combine both actual and forecast for 2021. I want to do the import in two separate action: 1. import the actual and 2. import the forecast. However, when doing this, the number is only showing actual data and not the forecast. Is there anyway that I can add the forecast number to the imported actual?

Due to some requirements/reasons, I can not sum them up before importing. Any suggest are welcome. Thank you.

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  • abhay.kanik
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    Prefect then,I am Assuming you have switchover for forecast.

    Import actuals in a separate module without versions, and refer it in the target module in a line item. while you do it in blueprint change the formula scope to 'actual Version' only. Now you have the actual values in target module and it is also locked. Now you can import forecast into target module directly.