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I am building a UX dashboard that requires me to pull in a subsidiary view. In order to get this view onto the UX, I have saved a view in the model and then used the saved view as a source (assume this is the correct approach?).


The subsidiary view relates to it using a month time dimension rather than year and it has a number formatted line item that needs user updating. I have built a user filter on the dashboard so the user can select the start and end periods they want to plan for. However, I am having trouble applying this user time filter to the subsidiary view - it does not seem to be an option.


I know a workaround would be to move this line item into its own module but I just wanted to check if there was away to achieve what I need using the subsidiary view.


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  • MarkWarren
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    Ahh yes I see what you are saying.
    You will have to either make everything else a subsidiary view, so the module has the dimensions of Rate or, and the right way, put it in a separate module.
    Subsidiary views are difficult to use, I prefer to split things out and not use them.
    Once on a page everything should sync up if you want this to drive another module.

    In Anaplan, at least from the applications perspective, all line items are the same thing and the module bears no control over it (except for inheriting dimensions, which could be set discretely). The module is just a logical container in that regard, it does not affect the interaction of line items. i.e. the line items could be anywhere.


  • You should be able to filter the Time based on another line item.
    I set up a quick example filtering the Time dimension in a module called "filtered view" from a boolean line item in another module called "month filter", that line item is dimensioned by Time and Users.

    Is this matching what you need to do or am I off the mark?

  • @MarkWarren - thank you for your input. In my default view, I am able to set up the user filter. The issue is that the user filter does not then get applied to the subsidiary view. When I click into the subsidiary view to add a filter, my filtering options only allow me to pick specific months from the time dimension. I do not have the option to select my user filter set up in a systems module. Please see screenshots below.


    The subsidiary view is required to be displayed on a dashboard so the rates can be input for planning - to do this, I have saved a view and then used this as a source to display it on the dashboard (I would love to know if it is possible to do this using a custom view - I assume the answer is no as it would have to be in a separate module rather than the sub view). I would like to apply my user filter (boolean) to the sub view so that users can select the months they would like to view.


    Any other advice would be most appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to me.

  • @MarkWarren  thanks again for your input. I think splitting out the subsidiary view into a new module makes the most sense. I believe this module was built quite some time ago before the NUX took legs. With the world moving on in the UX space, it is a good reminder to think about what input modules will be required on dashboards and to reconsider the use of subsidiary views in these modules. Cheers.