Incorrect import for commission % in 7.2.3 level 1 activity


Hello everyone!

I have some trouble importing data in the Employee Datails module. I think I did almost everything right, but for some reason the data in commission % are not the same as the ones in the csv file (I have 15, 1, 9, 8 instead of 0.15 or 0). Would you have any suggestion for me ? Thank you!




  • @ValentineLS 

    Yes you can do that, just go to the blueprint view and change the format. It will be number only, but the radio button for percentage needs to be selected. Refer the snip below.



    I hope it helps



  • Hy @anand.shekhawat , thank you for your answner. 

    However, I still get weird values that do not match with the csv file (100%, 900%,...)

    I think I should either have 0.15, 0.1 or 15%, 10%.  



  • @ValentineLS 


    Yes, you have to re-upload the file to get the numbers correct.



  • jdatz86

    May I ask how you had the Name and Country coded in your blue print view? I cannot get those fields to populate.