Using Versions and Periods for dynamic comparison


Hello, My Client asked about report where they compare PL lines: Version 1 vs Version 2 for selected Quater or Year, Quater to Quater, Year to Year and they want to select 2 Versions and 2 Periods. Conditional formulas can help, but I think, they may be to heavy. I tried to create Module for Selection of Version1, Version2 and Period, to use then automapping based on construction FINDITEM(Versions List, NAME(ITEM(Versions))), but it doesnt work. What the other options to build up such a logic? Ksenia


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    Since you can't currently put Time or Versions in a list formatted line item, you'd have to create new general lists for Time and Version that match the selections you want to allow (these would then be used as list formatted line items for your selections) and then you'd have to write conditional statements to retrieve your data that would look for every combination possible in the selections for Time and Version and use the SELECT function to retrieve the appropriate data from your source.