Anaplan Optimizer

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The Anaplan Optimizer helps customers with resource allocation, including people, capital, and equipment. It can also enhance transportation logistics, identifying the most efficient routes or lowest costs. Optimizer is a tool that can be used to reduce an organization’s expenses and increase its revenues. It is included in the Anaplan Enterprise subscription.  

This new course, Anaplan Optimizer will help you understand when to use it, how it works, and how to determine the key pieces of the problem to use when building a model. The 90- to 120-minute course is made up of six lessons:

  • Why use Optimizer
  • When to use Optimizer
  • Objectives, variables, and constraints
  • Solving a transportation problem
  • Building a solution
  • Optimizer limitations

There are interactive exercises and a simple model build to let you practice the basics. The course is designed so that you can access a single lesson or work your way through each of them.

Check out the course in the Learning Center: Anaplan Optimizer