level 1 activity 9.2.5 dimension error

Hello again

I am trying to import a formula in Unit Price % in the REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging module.

However, I get this error message : Level mismatch on common dimension

I checked multiple times the dimension of all the modules and everything seems fine to me. And my line items are all set to list format. Could anyone help me ? Thank you!





  • I have succeeded to enter the formula by changing the dimension G1 from G2 in the REV04 module. But even though the formula is working, the result is not the expected one. Would you have an idea as to why ?



  • @ValentineLS 

    The output is correct . In the REV04 module you have entered the value 5% for all the chocolates in the the Country US. But in the REV05 module the output is 420% because it is summing up the percentages of all the Locations under US and all the chocolates under each location. So to verify, select any location(lowest level) under US and any particular chocolate(lowest level) in the REV05 module, you will see 5 % only.


    I hope it helps




  • Just wasted an hour of my time working this out, no idea why there isn't at least a hint about this in the instructions given that Level 1 is meant to be for absolute beginners. Anyway, the solution to your problem is to go into REV05 in blueprint mode and change the Summary for both line items to "average", once you do this it pulls through 5% just as the screenshot in the course.