How to hide a complete list on the dashboard.


I have 2 lists in my rows and I want to hide one of them while presenting on a dashboard, is there any way to do that. I have already tried the manual adjustment on dashboard but I feel that's not presentable to clients as they can too unhide it manually.

I want to hide the complete list without losing any data on dashboard or hindering any view. Please help me if that's possible on Anaplan.


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Vishal Gupta 


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  • ashish.banka
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    @vishal3120 You can hide the list in rows in a module while displaying the module in dashboard by playing around with the Column Setting in the Format option. The list which you want to hide, you can change the width to 6 which would hide the list in the dashboard.


    Hope this helps.




  • Hi Vishal,


    What do you mean by "hide the complete list"? 

    Bring up some screenshots.


    My guesses:


    1)As I understood you have two dimensions on one of the axes of your module. Working with modules on the dashboards you are able to turn off each option for users manually per each module. See the screenshot.


    If, let's say, "Data - Filter" is turned off - users won't be able to use filters of this module on the dashboard.


    This feature can be used to filter out the unwanted list elements and then lock the filter option. I would suggest turning off Open Source Module as well in this case.


    2) If you are just talking about how to remove the published list from the dashboard, then there is a red cross on the top-right corner of the active list: