Help! Activity 8.8.4

I am currently stuck on Activity 8.8.4. I have definitely entered formulas multiple times, but I am getting an error when trying to copy and paste the formula. I have entered it manually the way it was shown on the video as well. Any suggestions? I have included screenshots.


Best Answer

  • @cbowie 

    Referring to your screenshot 1, the error is occurring because Anaplan is unable to find the 'Size' line item in the SYS06 module. Kindly navigate to SYS06 Product Details module and check if the line item 'Size' is created or not? For this formula to work, the 'Size' line item must be List(Size) formatted.


    Referring to your screenshot 2, you are trying a different logic for the same line item. Which seems incorrect


    I hope it helps.