Updating the data in Anaplan


Hi All,


We are facing a challenge in Anaplan where user edits some data in anaplan but after some time there is a scenario that user might want to revert the changes back. Currently we are driving it will a boolean which user will confirm to update a row post that user will run an action which will populate the form which is a intermediate input module we created so that user wont make change the original data directly without confirming.  with a selected row. Once done with update user confirms again by clicking a button which will run a action which will take a backup copy of original data in another module and then update the original module with new data. We are usnig the backed up module for reverting back to original data.


Does anyone has a better suggestion where we can remove the user selecting the boolean and action before updating 







  • @abhay.kanik 

    Your solution seems sound to me. However, this is really the basis of scenario planning and sometimes versioning. Instead of using the Boolean, you can have the user save a plan to a scenario. Then if they want to revert one or more values, you can ask them to provide the scenario and the line item to retrieve. Essentially the same solution you already have but maybe a more intuitive way plus it gives you a way to limit the number of scenarios the planner can save.

    Just some thoughts.