Multiple dimensions but import only allows 2 source to target mapping


Hi, I am trying the training lesson to import a csv file into a module with multiple dimensions but the import window only shows 2 source to target mapping instead of 7 source to target mapping selections. What am I missing here?






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  • andre.lie
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    @QJ ,


    As mentioned by @ashish.banka and @abhay.kanik , you need to use Column Headers instead of Fixed line item. Once you change this to Column Headers the SYS08 tab will show the source columns that you can use to map to target line items.







  • @QJ 

    Go to third tab at the top 'S08 employee details line item' **** map line items in the excel with the line items in the module.



  • @QJ It seems that the module has only one dimension (E2 Employee # List) and the rows are the line items. Hence, you need to map E2 Employee # List to Column 2: Code from the source file and select "Column Header" from the second drop-down from the source to map Column Headers of the source file to target module line items in "SYS08 Employee Details Line Items" tab as mentioned by @abhay.kanik 


    Hope this helps.


    - AB

  • QJ

    @ashish.banka @abhay.kanik 

    I want to upload all the line items at once, with just one import run. As seen in the below screenshots provided by the lesson, where it looks like all the line items were imported at once.





    But I am only able to import one at a time with the interface provided. I am wondering if there is anything that I am missing because of this.





  • @QJ As you have selected "Fixed Line Item" in the second drop-down in the mapping tab, we were able to import only single line item.

    If you need to load multiple line items in single import, you can do so by selecting "Column Header" from the second drop-down in the mapping tab, navigate to "SYS08 Employee Details Line Item" tab, map the column name in the source to target, mark the line items which you do not want to import as ignore and run the import as mentioned by @andre.lie . If you are facing issues loading date line items from the source file to target module, you can customize those in the "SYS08 Employee Details Line Item" tab.


    Hope this helps.


  • QJ

    Okay, I understand now. Thanks guys!