Model to Model transfer action not working for full access user




I have created an import action from Model A to Model B and both are in same worksapce. Please see the below details of Model A & B.

Model A: It is source model for an import action. I have used saved view for a module which is having User List as a dimension and with few line items. One line item is having their location based on where they are located.

Model B: It is target model, here i have used a List called as location as target of an import action. Import action is created in Model B with source as saved view from Model A and target as Location List in Model B.


When i run this action with work space admin access it is successfully importing all user locations into Model B. However when end user with full access to both models is running same action he is only able to download one location associated with his/her user id in Model A.


But i have expected end user also can download all other users locations into Model B. Do you have any idea why it is not working in expected way for end user with full access for both models?.


Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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  • MarkWarren
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    This is currently how it is expected to work, selective access can't be set on the Users list. It is using the intended behavior of the users list in that the current user only sees their data, which is what you want in most cases.
    You would need to create a 'fake' list of users to achieve this or run that import via an integration job, where the integration user can be a workspace admin.


  • Thank you @MarkWarren for clarifying it.

    Any way it is working through integration job daily as you mentioned. Only concern about manual run.