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In Anaplan Way training (The Pre-release Phase) the Joint Deployment Blueprint document is referenced, but the link does not work. I also searched but could not find a result. Is this document updated and renamed?



Murat Akkas


Excerpt :


Joint Deployment Blueprint for Anaplan employees and partners

Anaplan and its implementation partners align around activities that are critical to customers’ success. Coordination, trust, and transparency between all parties are the keys to these productive working relationships. The Joint Deployment Blueprint provides a framework for working together in order to deliver a successful implementation and create long-term sustainability for our customers. 




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  • JaredDolich
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    I took another look at this. It's on the partner subdirectory which means you'll need to be tagged as a partner to view it. Not sure why that is the case but I'm sure that's why you can't get to it.


  • JaredDolich
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    The link worked for me. There's a few things you can try.

    • Completely close your browser and try again.
    • Clear the cache on your browser.
    • If you use Chrome, try using Chrome icognito.

    Here are the screenshots.


  • muratakkas
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    Hello Jared,


    Thank you for your help. I tried these alternative solutions, but they didn't work for me. I also loaded the link using mozilla, opera and safari but they all gave the same error of "Sorry, this content no longer exists". This may be an issue of my browser setting. The screenshots you sent worked for me, thanks.



    Murat Akkas   

  • lisa.linnell
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    Hi Murat, 

    More information around Joint Deployment Blueprint can be found in the CS Toolkit here: You can find the latest version of the Joint Deployment Blueprint, accompanying job guides, and additional materials there.

    The link in The Anaplan Way training will need to be updated. Thank you for catching this and calling it out.

  • danitb
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    This link no longer works either. Not from this thread or in the current Anaplan Way training. Got a new link? 🙂

  • Please access the Joint Deployment Blueprint course in the Anaplan Academy Learning Center. This will give you the most current content on the topic. This course is for Partners and Anaplan Employees. If you are a customer, please contact your Customer Success Business Partner for more information.