total seems to be wrong


Hello Anaplanners

The result of the calculation seems to be wrong.

In fact is question 6 from model builder exam1.

the formula should return the sum of expenses based on hierarchical level and region, 

However, in my result, I only get the total displayed, independent which selection is applied.

I assume the the selection does not work as I might have missed some settings.

In fact it was mentioned in the lesson, 8.6.2, source has additional lists, which is I think is my issue, but I did not find the solution...😒.

Kind regards, Tutto.






  • in REP04 the intention is to bring in data that relates to the Region and the Role (these are your dimensions). This information is not in EMP02, you just have Employees.
    This means you need to SUM the data using mappings, how/where does Employee map to Region or to Role.
    You will also need to change the Summary options in REP04 from Formula to SUM.
  • I see, the EMP02 shows the values for the two dimensions, but cannot filter or distinguish them.

    Now having referenced to the SYS08 where the two dimensions are in, it actually work.

    Many thanks for the hint.