Applying dimension one after the other (Year then Yoy %)




I want to create a view which has numbers for multiple year first say 2018 to 2021 followed by yoy for each year. 


Currently i have created 2 different modules one for Numbers and other for year and used the view in UX, but it does not seen right. i have attached the screen shot of how i want vs how it is looking.


The major issue with Anaplan view is that since i have used 2 different cards (1 for number other for Y-o-Y) it has a gap in between.


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  • JaredDolich
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    Soon we will have a new set of reporting functionality that should make this a lot easier. In the meantime, I would suggest you nest the column axes with time and line items. Below is an example using years. You can create another module that does this by quarter too. Use the PREVIOUS function to get last year to calculate the YoY. If your sales are in a different module you can use the MOVINGSUM function or YEARVALUE (don't use TIMESUM unless the destination module is without the time dimension) The only way to sort the years and quarters the way you have them on your image is to manually move them on the card the way you want them. Not recommended since this is a form of hard-coding.