How can I change the levels of hierarchy in the filter of a New UX Dashboard?


Hi all,


I am wondering if there is the possibility to change the amounts of hierarchy levels which can be selected by my users.

The best thing would be if only level 1 to level 3 are shown so that an enduser will only choose a team level.

The grids should then synchronise and show all employees on those teams.



I found a workaround to just publish another grid on the same page that has level 3 as a dimension and use that filter only for the other grids too.

But then there is always one random grid at the bottom which makes no sense.


I would be happy if there is a better solution.


Thankful for any help!



  • luke_e

    You should be able to see a cog next to the list on the left (in edit mode), which then leads to the following options.


    Click 'Show / Hide' and the right pane should pop up and let you select levels/individual items.


  • Hi @luke_e 

    thanks for the quick reply.

    This option does not show for me:



    When I hover over the i I see the following:



    I dont understand why the level filter option wont appear


  • @dalimeon 

    @luke_e is correct; however, I believe that option only works if there are no filters on. To get the selector the way you want it you may have to remove the filters or any other level restrictions you may have placed. Also, I don't think it works with saved views, only custom views. 

    If you're using a board then just go into the designer, select the cog wheel and change the levels.

    Here's the same request on the idea exchange. Recommend you give it an upvote.