Hi good day!


I am going to publish a dashboard containing the data in the photo below.



Should I make a new module to do this? Or is there any suggestion on how can i make it in the dashboard? 



Thank you.



  • @nicoledawis 

    I can see you need manly time and a field in bottom which is a free text field.

    I suggest to create a separate module with time and your line items . it will be a straight forward approach.




  • @nicoledawis 

    Good call by @abhay.kanik - you can also make it a little more sustainable by creating a group system module that  to hold all the free form text. After someone enters the additional information you can concatenate with prior year or you can make another entry.

    The challenge you'll face if you don't assign the free form text to a system module (based on some list, preferably "group") is that everytime someone enters this information it will overwrite the previous values.

    You can add year as a dimension but that might be more complicated to manage as you'll need to adjust the calendar years regularly (annually).