How to export data from Anaplan to Qliksense

I built a model in Anaplan Course and I want to export the data directly to another visualization tool such as Qlik. Is there any way to do that?

Thank you!


  • @soumyarani 


    Yes, Qliksense can consume Anaplan APIs Using its REST connector. You just need an export action in your model You can go through the details in the article below


    In general any BI tool which can consume API can be used with Anaplan APIs for data load into it and for those where Anaplan Connector is available it is a straight forward point to point approach.





  • @soumyarani 

    @abhay.kanik is correct, any BI tool that can POST or GET will work. However, since Qlik does not have a native connector to Anaplan, the most expeditious way to get the data there is to export it from Anaplan first then load it manually into Qlik. You have three options for that.

    1. Manually export from Anaplan and create a CSV or Excel file that Qlik can import.
    2. Use the Anaplan Excel Add-in (free download) 
    3. Use Anaplan Connect, also free to use

    There are now two visualization tools that have a native connector to Anaplan: Tableau and PowerBI. Hopefully, Qlik will have one someday too. You might suggest this on the idea exchange.