Values are not matching as per 9.2.6


Hello Team, 

While working on Model Building course 1, i am stuck at Activity 9.2.6. The issue is, upto 9.2.5, every output is matching. But for 9.2.6, after making the changes, the final output is not matching.






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    Don't think FY19 is a forecast year so your formula is returning zero.  Does it work for 2021?

  • Appreciate your quick response, Tim. 😄


    Please note, i tried entering time for 2021, but same result. The values are not getting updated.


    Additionally, i tried to check on Level 1 Model Building sample which is provided at the start of the course. I changed the FY2021 Unit Price% to 5%, and checked the values in REV03 Unit Price Growth %. They are unchanged as well.




    Thank you.

  • The price assumptions are at the product family level and you are pulling them into a product level module - try using a mapping table from product to product family and the lookup function, this may mean you also have to lookup the year rather than using year value...