Data Import one model to another with Subset of Time Dimension


Problem Statement - Importing data from one module 1 (time range from 2016+) into another module 2 (time range 2019+)


I understand the option of creating a view in module 1 with lesser time range and then use that one as source module. 


However was wondering if the practitioners have other ideas of importing the data from one module to another with shorter range.




  • @AvnishGoel 

    As you probably surmised you can't shorten a calendar less than one year but you can definitely import data that has a shortened time frame by using filters and a saved view. The saved view will allow you to create any length of time you wish. So perhaps in your example you would put a filter on the module 1 that filters out anything older than 2018. Then use that saved view to import the data into module 2.

  • @JaredDolich Great suggestion. However I feel Anaplan platform should be enhanced to limit the Months in a year while using Time dimension (I guess enhancing Time Range to include periods and years along with allowing to update Time Range via APIs / Anaplan connect for automation). This would be a great enhancement and game changer and would help in optimizing the models too.



  • @ashish.banka Could not agree more!

    Unfortunately, not many people are voting for it probably because they don't know about it. Give it an upvote!


  • Thanks @JaredDolich I did my bit. I guess the UpVote should work similar to Kudos with Moderator like you should have more weightage 🙂