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I'm currently stuck on this particular use case, I have a module dimensioned by List A, it has its attributes as line items. Is there a way that i can sort the attributes in a custom format. The native anaplan functionality gives A-Z or Z-A. I have an attribute with either items 'Important', 'Most important' & 'Really Important'.
I want 'Most Important' list items on top , 'Really Important' list items below it and finally 'important'.
Sorting via A-Z or Z-A will always put Most Important in middle. 

Please do let me know !


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  • Misbah
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    Create a line item formatted as number and write a logic for the condition 

    Most Important - 1

    Really Important - 2

    Important - 3


    You can use these numbers to sort it 

    There is another way of Ordering the list. You can go to Actions and Use Order list action by using the above line item.


    Hope it helps