Looking for refresh button?


Where is the refresh button that is supposedly on toolbar that also doesn't exist? The only way I can refresh a dashboard is to make the new data selections, then refresh my browser, which takes me back to the main Anaplan menu. Then I when I re-select the dashboard, my new selected view is there. I need to be able to simply get a refreshed view when I select different criteria. Online and community resources hint at a toolbar that should house a refresh button, but I don't have a toolbar. Thus I don't have a refresh button. Why is the refresh button hidden and where is it?



  • Hi @jcarena 


    In old UX if you click the little down arrows on the dashboard you will get tool bar eg







    In New UX it's at top left eg 




    In order to automatically get refreshed view when you select a data item on a dashboard you need to design your hierarchy and dashboard accordingly so that they SYNC




    hope this helps



  • jcarena

    Yes, that helped. Thank you.