API Import Error : There was an issue with your file upload: 500


We had to reset index count of a list after which we imported data using Postman into the module.
Airflow DAG for the process which uploads data in the above module/list have been failing since that day when they run for the first time. However, when re-triggered they run without any errors.


What will be the solution for this problem? Please find below the error screenshot.


Thanks in advance 





  • Hi @Akshay07 - we've also got the same issue. We have a ticket raised, if you want to link in with @riyazpasha he'll keep you updated.

  • @Akshay07 

    This looks like a Python issue. Are you running a python script in Postman? Anyway, the error seems unrelated to the re-indexing of the list. Maybe if I understood the process better.

    To be candid, there are only a small number of exceptions why you should need to re-index a list. Typically, I see this when a list is completely dropped and reloaded (Delete and Insert) often. A more efficient process would be to upsert (UPDATE and INSERT). So, a way you can avoid this error is to prevent having to reindex the list.

    Well, just a thought for you. Happy to discuss further if you have more details.

  • Thanks @andrewtye .

    @riyazpasha - Can you please share if you have any updates ?

  • Hi @JaredDolich ,


    We used postman to manually hit an API on the day we reset the index count. The screenshot is from databricks notebook.

  • Hi @Akshay07 ,


    My issue is some what similar. I'm trying to scrap the model size across the workspace and it use to work but suddenly I'm getting the internal error 500. There are lot of reason for internal 500 error below I have listed it. 

    Internal 500 error reasons:

    • Browser Cache.
    • Incorrect database login credentials.
    • Corrupted database.
    • Corrupted files 
    • Issues with your database server.
    • Corrupted .htaccess file and PHP memory limit.
    • Issues with third-party plugins and themes.
    • PHP timing out or fatal PHP errors with third-party plugins.
    • Wrong file and folder permissions.
    • Exhausted PHP memory limit on your server
    • Corrupted or broken .htaccess file.
    • Errors in CGI and Perl script.

    In your case looks like the file is getting uploaded to the Anaplan server but when you are running the action it throws 500 error. Could you please let me know what is the status code for file upload and actions status code?

    I have raised the ticket with Support team and they are trying to schedule a call to understand the issue. If I hear anything from them I keep you posted.




    Riyaz Pasha

  • @riyazpasha 


    We are getting an error while uploading the file.

    Status code for file upload is 500.


  • Status code 500 can have a whole multitude of different causes - for Anaplan's API it is almost certainly something outside the above list. Does the error occur intermittently (and if so what proportion), or every time? And do the chunk PUTs succeed but the /complete POST fail, or do chunk PUTs fail?

  • @ben_speight 


    This has been happening everyday. The chunk puts is failing. We are getting this error while uploading the file and the. When we re-trigger it manually then it works fine.

  • Hi @Akshay07 ,


    Can I look into your scripts.




    Riyaz Pasha