Level 2 Sprint 2 - Time Aggregation


Hello everyone !

I am currently trying to convert month values from DEM01 into week values in DEM02. I am using this formula :

"MONTHVALUE('DEM01 Volume Growth Rates'.Growth %) / 4"

I think it works well when we have 4 weeks in a month, however there are months with 5 weeks. Thus I would like to turn my formula into : "IF "number of weeks in month" = 4 THEN MONTHVALUE('DEM01 Volume Growth Rates'.Growth %) / 4 ELSE MONTHVALUE('DEM01 Volume Growth Rates'.Growth %) / 5"

My problem is that I don't know how to count the number of weeks in the months (without pointing a specific month). Could anyone help me on that? (Or maybe I'm doing it all wrong and I need to use a completely different formula...😅)


  • @ValentineLS 

    Good call out. I think the intent is that you use the same growth rate for each week in that month. So, in this case you can just use MONTHVALUE.

    Growth% = MONTHVALUE('DEM01 Volume Growth Rates'.Growth %)

  • Ok! Thank you very much for your answer!