Level 1 model Builder, lession 7: importing data to module


Hi all, 


I am being blocked at the lession 7 while importing the list Employees# to model SYS08 Employees Detail. This is the mapping. 




And here is the result: no line is mapped and imported:


Even though the format is well defined


Here is the detail of the error log:



Someone please kindly help. I am so confused. Thanks in advance. 


  • jdatz86

    I am also struggling with this topic. 

  • Hi @**** 


    The E2 Employees# is a numbered list. We cannot load the data based on the employee name but to use employee code. The error message you saw 'Item not located in E2 Employees#' list means that Anaplan cannot map the employee in the file to the one in the list even though this list uses employee name as display name.