Level 2 Sprint 2 Testing Role


Activity 2.4.11 Testing Role

Created Product Family Manager Role and then assigned myself this role.

I did not make any change to Workspace Administrator.

After testing, I changed my Role back to 'Full Access'.


But now, I cannot access the Modules I created

eg. DEM03 P3 SKU - no access, Accounts - no access.

What went wrong? How can I restore my full access?


Please advise!


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  • JaredDolich
    Answer ✓


    Check your accounts list. You probably turned on selective access and didn't give yourself access to all the accounts. Even if your a WA you still need to give yourself access if you turn on selective access.


  • YL

    Thanks Jared, I turned off Selective Access in List, and now have full access to my modules.


    Does this mean:

    1. Under Users, Account Write and Account Read take precedence over Model Role 'Full Access'?

    2. If I create end users (eg Felix Account Family Manager) with Selective Access to Lists, then I need to make sure Model Builder also have Write Access to all Lists?