How to remove a dimension from a pivot?


Does anybody know how to remove a dimension from a Pivot?


I need to remove "time" from the "Pages" (See below).







  • Hi @juanacevedo!

    You need to delete list from module. For time you need to change Time Scale to "Not Applicable":Снимок экрана 2021-07-21 в 17.17.30.png

  • Hi @juanacevedo


    Yeah, as @AntonMineev suggested you will have to change the Time Scale to Not Applicable.

    Here are the detailed steps

    i) Toggle from Regular view to Blue Print View. Click on highlighted button.


    ii)Move your Horizontal bar towards right to see "Time Scale", Click on the arrow to see the dropdown.


    iii) Select "Not Applicable" to remove the Time Scale from your existing module.

    iv) You will get a popup message soon after the selection. Click on "ok"



    v) If you want the remove the Time Scale even for line items, you can just copy and paste it.




  • To remove a dimension or metric, click its delete icon. The dimension or metric is removed from the table and added to the available list. To add a new dimension, drag the dimension from the available list to the appropriate location in the row or column groups.