8.5.2 Activity

Hi All, 


For activity 8.5.2 I am trying to import data into the price book module. However is picking up the Time dimension and it should according to the learning material. 


See below how looks now



This is how it should be



Does anybody know what the issue might be?





  • @juanacevedo 

    Great question! This will probably happen if your REV01 module has the time dimension added. All you need to do is remove the time dimension from the module. Change the time scale to "Not Applicable" for the module and all the line items. You got this!

  • Hi! I am having an issue with this activity too. When I imported, up across the top it has the city and then the bars underneath, instead of just rolling up to the city. Any idea why? @JaredDolich 




  • @mbiswas 

    Awesome question. You can use the "pivot" icon to change the view.


  • @JaredDolich Thank you!